10 June 2011

Amarula Cream Chocolate Cake

I think there is no better way to celebrate life than to indulge in a big slice of Chocolate Cake, and so much better if this Chocolate Cake turns out to be delicious Amarula Cream Chocolate Cake. Actually forget the slice why not have the whole cake! This naughty Chocolate Cake is filled with wonderful, creamy Amarula Cream Liquor and will leave you feeling totally guilty!



2 cups (500ml) All Purpose Flour
1 cup (250ml) White Sugar
150g Soft Butter (unsalted)
2 tsp (10ml) Baking Powder
20g (4 tbsp) Cocoa Powder
3 Extra Large Eggs
200ml Amarula Cream Liquor
50ml Full Cream Milk

Mix the Eggs and Butter together, add the Amarula Cream Liquor.
Add the Flour, Sugar and Baking Powder to the wet mix.
Mix everything together till you get a medium consistency - not too thick and not too runny. Add more milk if it is too thick.
Fill two round prepared cake tins.
Bake at 180 degrees Celcius for 30 minutes or till a sharp knife comes out clean.



1 and half cups (375ml) Icing Sugar
15g (3 tbsp) Cocoa Powder
50g Soft Butter
200ml Amarula Cream Liquor

Mix Icing Sugar and soft Butter together, add a few drops of Amarula Cream Liquor to get it to the right consistency (easy to smear)


Place one layer of Cake on a cake plate. Pour the remaining Amarula Cream Liquor onto the cake layer, pour it slowly so that the cake can absorb the Amarula Cream. Then decorate with a layer of Amarula Cream Icing. Add the second layer and decorate with the remaining Amarula Cream Icing.

Sprinkle with grated chocolate and decorate with chocolate and pink fondant roses for a classy touch.

Come on indulge....I know you want too!!!

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