20 June 2013

Monster Smash Cake - First Birthday

I shared my Baby Boy's First Monster Birthday Cake with you so I thought I would show you how his Monster Smash Cake looked like.

It was plain Vanilla Cake. The recipe is all over my blog. I covered it with blue vanilla Buttercream icing. I did not bother to make it extra healthy because it is a smash cake after all and he hardly got any in his mouth! He was actually pretty good with it :) I would have liked to see a lot more MESS!!

Here is my Little Monster with his Monster Smash Cake! Isn't he just THE cutest!!

First Birthday Book Cake - Monster Cake

I wanted to share with you the cute Monster Cake I made for my baby boy's First Birthday! I decided on a Monster Theme for his First Birthday Party and had to come up with a cake that fits into the Monster theme, but also something that suits him and his personality.

I just love my baby boy he is such an adorable little Monster. The cute fluffy kind of course! He is such a bundle of energy and it is hard to keep up with him sometimes, but when he keeps still for a few minutes he loves his cuddles and hugs. He is just a loving, happy, laughing bundle of joy!
He loves books and he is very intelligent. Keeping all of this in mind, I came up with a great idea for his cake.

I decided to make an Open Book Monster Cake but with a little story in it. The story of his First Birthday. The story is about a little Monster's First Birthday and this little cheeky Monster who tried to steel the Birthday cake! Well there is more, there is another little Monster hiding inside the cake and he is also trying to get his hands on the cake!
I also added some other fun little elements. I made his name into six different little Monsters, a different Monster for each letter. All the kids at the party loved that!

I also added an extra surprise to the cake...

Once the cake was cut everyone saw the surprise...pictures inside the cake. Every slice had the same pictures. I just loved adding pictures inside my cake. I learned How to add pictures inside my cakes from a tutorial I bought. I added stars and half moons!

I loved making his cake because it was totally mine. My design, my ideas and my creativity. I did not have to search the net for hours for ideas, I  did not have to make something that has been made a million times before, I just used all the ideas I had in my head and made it my own. My baby loved his cake and so did everyone at his party. What a special, precious day it was!

It was a Happy First Birthday with my little Monster!