30 September 2015

Lego Digger Birthday Cake

My son is seriously into his Lego and loves everything about it! What is not too love when everything is AWESOME right!!! Sorry I just couldn't help myself there....

We went to Legoland Florida last year and the boys enjoyed it even more than the Disney parks. Go figure. Probably because Everything is Awesome......everything is cool when you're part of a team! Right. Now let's fast forward to this year and time for my son's birthday. 

Guess what he wanted? A Lego Cake! But it had to be totally build able and eatable. We decided on a Lego Construction vehicle, a digger. I mommyfied it a bit.

How to make an Lego Digger Cake from edible Lego blocks

How to make edible Lego Blocks

I first made a silicone mold of the Lego Blocks that I will need. Easy right! 
We had plenty of blocks to use for the mould. 

Once your mould is set you can use it. Prepare your fondant or sugarpaste. I coloured mine yellow and added tylose powder for stability. 

You might want to dust your moulds lightly with some cornflour to prevent the fondant from sticking.
Then press a ball of yellow fondant into your mould and shape. Take it out and put aside to dry.

Once you have all your blocks done and they have dried nicely you can start your building!

Lego Digger Cake

I baked two round chocolate cakes which I decorated with chocolate icing (frosting). Then it was time to create our Lego Digger. My son helped out alot here because mommy's lego building skills are not great!

We first made some wheels and other parts including the scoop/digger and let them dry. Then we started with the wheels and bottom parts, and build it up just like you would lego. We used edible glue where needed. I made two little Lego men too.

Once the Lego Digger was build I decorated the rest of the cake to look like a digging/construction site. I used loads of chocolate and chocolate balls and just had fun. The Lego men took their place and everything was Awesome! Hahaha....

Here is the end result, prettty cool right. It also tasted great. 

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