29 February 2012

Noddy Car Birthday Cake

My neighbour (Mimi)'s baby recently turned 2 and she asked me to help her make him a cute Noddy cake. They are French and the little guy just loves Noddy (Noddy in French is called Oui-Oui, pronounced wee-wee). Together we decided to make him a Noddy Car with a fondant Noddy inside the Car.
He was VERY happy with his Oui-Oui!

I gave Mimi the job to bake the cake. She used a Vanilla Cake Recipe for the cake and baked it in a standard bread pan, which she let cool for a few hours. The cake needs to be completely cooled and firm before cutting and decorating.

To decorate the Car and make Noddy you will need:

Yellow Butter Icing
Yellow fondant
Blue fondant
Grey fondant
Red fondant
Light Pink (or flesh coloured) fondant
White fondant
Black fondant
Shredded Coconut
Green Edible Food Spray
Brown Royal Icing
Piping bag
Edible glue
Black edible marker pen


After the cake has cooled down, carve the cake into a car shape and cover it in Butter Icing. The Butter Icing helps to keep the crumbs in control and will help the fondant stick to the cake. I coloured the Butter Icing the same yellow as the fondant.

Cover the car with the yellow fondant, take care not to let the fondant tear. Make an arch for the windscreen from the yellow fondant and let it dry completely before you stick it to the front of the car with edible glue. Form wheels (with circular cutter), grill, bumper, head lights, steering wheel and interior of car out of grey fondant. Stick to car with edible glue. I then put the Birthday boy's name on the back of the car in blue fondant letters. You can also create a little licence plate if you wish ;) I also added a blue fondant 2 to the front of the car.



Make Noddy's head from light pink or flesh coloured fondant. Red for his mouth and white, blue and black for his eyes. Make his hat from blue fondant and put a little yellow ball on top. I added some hair with brown Royal Icing (with the piping bag)


Noddy's body is made from red fondant. You only need to make his top part as he will be sitting in the car. His hands are made from the light pink or flesh coloured fondant. I made his neck tie from yellow fondant which I added red dots (fondant) to. You can use small, thin dowel sticks or even a kebab scewer to secure his body into his car.


Mimi tried her hand at fondant work and made some cute mushrooms, bees and flowers. Flowers were made using a flower cutter. You will need red and white fondant for the mushrooms, yellow and white for the bees (striped made using a black edible marker) and blue, red, yellow and white for the flowers. Have fun here and be creative.

I made the grass by placing some scredded coconut into a bag and spraying it with the green edible food spray, then shaking it up untill all the coconut is covered in green. It dries instantly!
Place green grass on a tray or cake plate, put Noddy Car with your fondant Noddy inside on top of the grass and decorate with mushrooms, flowers and bees.

I also made the birthday boy's name out of red and blue fondant and placed it on the grass with the nr 2. I think the freeform letters looked really good with the other details.


We also made and decorated a few cupcakes. I made some Noddy faces with fondant and placed them on top of the iced cupcakes that my neighbour made. I think they came out very cute!

Despite the terrible heat we had to work in (and trust me heat and fondant don't go together) and me being 8 months pregnant, we had LOADS of fun creating this cake and I think Noddy and his Car came out really well. In the excitement to finish the cake we forgot about the red wheel bumper covers, but what the heck, I still think it looked great and little Lukas loved his cake!

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