08 April 2013

Under the Sea or Little Mermaid Cake

As promised here is my Under the Sea cake with fondant Mermaid cake topper. I made this cake for a little girl who turned 5 and although the cake was a challenge in the February heat I think it came out really well.

Unfortunately I did not take photos with every step that I did, but I will try and tell you how I made all the different fondant/sugarpaste figurines on the cake. It was alot of fun to make the Mermaid and all the little sea creatures. I made a turtle, octopus, fish, coral, sea anemone, shells, starfish, sea sponges, seaweed and more.

Little Mermaid cake topper

How to make a fondant or sugarpaste Mermaid Cake Topper

You will need:

Fondant or sugarpaste
Gel colours in flesh, brown, green, black or  pre-coloured fondant
Edible spray (green)
Lollipop sticks
Edible glue

I used sugarpaste just because it dries harder than fondant and we have very high humidity here. I also wanted it to be hard because it was so big and the main part of the cake. You can use fondant and add a bit of tylose powder or CMC powder to it to make it dry harder.

Form the body for the Mermaid first from the flesh coloured fondant. Put a lollipop stick inside the body so that only a small part comes out both ends, to attach head and tail. Make some arms. Attach to body with edible glue.

Make the Mermaid's head, form eyes and nose and attach head to the body with edible glue. Make sure you stick the top of the lollipop stick inside her head. Leave to dry.

Take a piece of white fondant to form the tail. I used the back of a piping tip to make the scales. I also made a small hole in the bottom where I attached the fin. Use a lollipop stick for it.

Once the tail is dry spray it with edible spray.

Cut a fin out of green fondant for the bottom of the tail. Let dry in the position that you want it to be. Once dry attach it to the Mermaid with edible glue. I left this part till I placed it on the cake!

Roll two balls from the green fondant for her top. I used the scallop tool to imprint on these balls. Stick to Mermaid with edible glue before they are dry. I made a little seastar from the green to put on her head.

Roll the brown fondant out into long thin strips an attach to Mermaid's head, you can make the hair as long or short as you want.

Little Mermaid made from fondant

How to make a fondant Sea Turtle

Fondant Sea turtle

You will need:

Sugarpaste or fondant
Gel colours in brown, green or precoloured fondant
Circular mold for shell
Edible glue

I used a silicone chocolate mould for the shell. Take a piece of brown fondant and place in mould. Remove when dry. Form head, arms and flippers from green fondant. Let dry and then attach to shell.

How to make a Fondant Octopus

Fondant Octopus

You will need:

Sugarpaste or fondant
Gel colours in purple and black or precoloured fondant
Edible glue


Make a ball for head, add eyes and form mouth with tool. To make the tentacles roll fondant into thin strips and twist. Add details. Attach to body with edible glue.


How to make fondant seaweed, seasponge, starfish and sea anemones

You will need:

Sugarpaste or fondant
Gel colours in any colour you want or precoloured fondant
Edible glue

For the sea anemone I used orange fondant and rolled it into thin strips. Put a little hole on the top and attach a few together. I added sugar pearls on the top for extra "bling".

To make the starfish I used a star cutter and cut one "leg" off and formed the rest with my hands to look more natural. I used the a piping tip to make the pattern on the starfish.

To make the seasponge roll out a piece of fondant and cut into squares. I made random hole in it with the back of a piping tip.

To make the seaweed I took green fondant and cut it into small strips. I then cut a point at the top of the strip and curled it a bit so it looks more realistic and then dried it.

Fondant seashells and seaweed


How to make fondant Seashells

Fondant sea urchins

You will need:
Sugarpaste or fondant
Gel colours in any colour you prefer or precoloured fondant
Edible glue

I made the sea urchins and the seashells with moulds that I made. I made my own moulds with a special mould material and real seashells and sea urchins that I picked up from the beach.
When you make your moulds you must make sure the seashells and urchin shells have been thoroughly cleaned and washed.

I might do a post on how to make your own mould sometime. Let me know if you are interested in a tutorial and I will do one. Leave me a comment.

That is how I made my cake and all the fondant/sugarpaste figurines. Easy...right

Happy creating!

Little Mermaid Cake


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